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DSI is now offering lease & finance options. 

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NewsShark V.2 4G HD SD/SDi


The affordable ENG solution your news department has been waiting for

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RF Systems Service & Maintenance 

DSI offers maintenance and service programs, as well a Emergency Service for your company’s RF systems – your link to the outside world.

Whether it’s re-peaking of a satellite or microwave system, or emergency or scheduled service on your main transmission systems, DSI has the equipment and human resources to get the job done right.

HD FM/TV Transmitter Install by DSI

We maintain a staff of trained broadcast technicians, installers and climbers with hundreds of years of combined experience that can get the job done right cost effectively.

Just as a car needs a periodic inspection and oil change, your transmitter, antenna and feed-lines need periodic maintenance to avoid costly long-term problems. A service contract with DSI can ensure that your transmission system is regularly inspected with preventative maintenance performed and faults identified and repaired - before they become big problems.

And if the inevitable big or unexpected problem comes along, DSI can provide emergency services to help get you back on the air as soon as possible!

To find out more, contact our service department today.

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