RF~IPMax, Licensed & Unlicensed Microwave Systems

DSI is proud to offer a full line of bi-directional IP microwave radio solutions designed for today’s Broadcasters and Telecommunications professionals. DSI has designed custom integrated systems solutions in a number of available scenarios. These high-performance systems are extremely cost-effective and provide a large ROI for a minimal deployment cost. Our systems are scaleable and employ software license keys for future optional upgrades to expand system potential and capabilities.

Our RF IP Max systems are available in both unlicensed and licensed bands (most bands available) for the transmission of audio, video, data, control, VoIP, etc. Our unlicensed systems operate in the 4.9-5.8GHz frequency bands.WABG Dish

Using state of the art modulation and forward error correction (FEC) techniques, extremely robust links can be implemented as far as 50 miles apart with line of sight (LOS) depending upon path conditions. As well, our systems are low latency and typically yield 99.999% system availability ratings.

Our systems support: Video over IP transmission/prioritization/multicasting, VoIP, Wi-Fi and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Broadcasters and Telecommunications professionals are utilizing our RF IP Max Systems in a variety of applications such as:

  • STL's and TSL's
  • Inner city relays (ICR's)
  • Remote feed transport
  • Newsgathering
  • Remote site WAN connectivity
  • Emergency/off-site back-up of data and connectivity, as well as alternate content sources
  • Security
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • A means to aggregate and transport a host of data, audio, video, control and other functions via a single transport mechanism solution
  • Alternative to costly monthly rates for telephone company data circuits
  • Connectivity where wired infrastructures do not exist or are not cost-effective to implement
  • Remote control

Our microwave radio solutions are offered as turnkey solutions including the following components:

  • Outdoor-mounted IP microwave radios available in numerous modulation and bandwidth combinations (2Megabit up to +100Megabit)
  • Radio mount assembly
  • A variety of flat panel, sector and parabolic antennas & mount assemblies
  • Data and RF surge suppressors
  • Power over ethernet units
  • Fiber optic extender units for longer distance applications
  • Copper, fiber optic and RF cable assemblies (indoor & outdoor)
  • Hubs, switches & routers
  • Turnkey systems integration services

DSI RF Systems can also handle the installation and servicing of your microwave system. Our field technicians are ComTrain Certified to ensure our staff and your facilities are adequately protected. Click here for more information on our Installation and Service options.

For more information, please complete our information request form or call us at 888-DSIRFTV. Please allow 24 hours to respond to on-line information requests.

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