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NewsShark V.2 4G HD SD/SDi


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SS-103 Surge Suppressor and Grounding System

The DSI RF Systems SS-103 Surge Suppressor and Grounding System answers the call for robust, effective and reliable protection systems for today’s mission critical systems deployed. We analyzed the lack of available products, as well as existing product deficiencies and created this highly effective system.

The system typically includes: copper lightning rods, heavy duty 2AWG stranded copper ground cable, stainless steel mounting/connection hardware, and surge suppressor units for a variety of signals including AC power, DC power, Video, Audio, RF (multiple frequencies available) and Data (multiple protocols/interfaces available).

DSI RF Systems can also handle the installation and servicing of your surge suppression system. Our field technicians are ComTrain Certified to ensure our staff and your facilities are adequately protected. Click here for more information on our Installation and Service options.

For more information, please complete our information request form or call us at 888-DSIRFTV. Please allow 24 hours to respond to on-line information requests.

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