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TMS-3000 HD/SD Switchable Remote Camera System

The TMS-3000 is a highly flexible HD or SD camera system, designed for broadcast purposes and perfectly suited for newsgathering, traffic & weather applications, “beauty shots”, tourism and surveillance applications. Traffic coverage is big business. Every market in the country has extensive traffic and weather coverage reporting. Our system is a perfect fit for these applications.

As the cost for HD video equipment is stabilizing, many broadcasters are answering their viewer’s requests for higher quality, stable video. The TMS-3000 Camera System is a cost-effective means for upgrading your existing sites to HD video.

The TMS-3000 was designed to meet today’s challenging broadcast video quality and reliability demands, by starting with a “clean piece of paper” and incorporating features requested by News Directors and other broadcast professionals. What has come up time and again as much needed capabilities were: stable, high-quality video, reliable communications to individual remote units (that are also protected from operator error), the ability to adjust video parameters and the ability to store shot presets.

Where many other companies work in hardware, we’ve incorporated a blend of hardware and software to provide a platform that can be scaled, as the user requires, meaning you don’t buy unneeded or unwanted features. It also means unlimited system growth is supported.

  • News Gathering
  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • Surveillance
  • “Beauty” shots
  • Homeland Security/Counter-Terrorism
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Tourism

As a system, the TMS-3000 stands apart from competitive products because of its flexibility with integrating numerous camera & lens combinations and its ease of operator use for quick changes to a specific site/shot. Video quality is unsurpassed for both day and night applications.

The TMS-3000 can utilize simple copper control cabling for systems where the camera and UCS controller reside at the same location or can integrate to numerous available proven wired/wireless networks as a means ofconnecting the studio and the remote camera site(s).

Typical System Scenarios

  • Co-located system at a single site
  • Remote site(s) for cameras with controller at a studio/NOC point
  • Intermediate hub point to link two or more remote camera sites to the studio/NOC facility
  • Multiple cameras and multiple UCS-1000 controller systems
  • Camera sharing concept

The individual units utilize a robust/weather-resistant construction and the UCS Controller has a low profile front panel design with the thought of being deployed in a busy studio environment and the space limitations typical of user consoles. Our system has been proven to outlast other competitor’s offerings consistently over the years based upon an intensive database analysis of camera systems and their years in service, outages, service issues, etc.

DSI RF Systems can also handle the installation and servicing of your camera system. Our field technicians are ComTrain Certified to ensure our staff and your facilities are adequately protected. Click here for more information on our Installation and Service options.

For more information, please complete our information request form or call us at 888-DSIRFTV. Please allow 24 hours to respond to on-line information requests.

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