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TMS-3000 HD Camera System Components

UCS-1000 Universal Camera Controller

This desktop controller unit communicates with the BT-3000 Slave Unit via the MXU-106 Modem Box and the data network. All camera controls, movements, configurations, etc. are accessible in the UCS-1000 Controller by the Operator.  The UCS-1000 can control up to 32- individual cameras.  The unit incorporates a combination of heavy-duty pushbuttons and switches, as well as, a large LCD screen to facilitate navigating the software menu system. 

Download UCS-1000 Call-out diagram

BT-3000 Slave Controller

This remote camera site unit is responsible for camera system power, local control and communications with the UCS-1000 Universal Camera Controller, as well as control of the other system components. The BT-3000  is of robust construction and is weather tight.  An optional modem may be installed dependent upon the required data circuit implemented.  Serial, Leased Line, P.O.T.S., and IP data connectivity are supported.

The BT-3000 is the core of the system and all functions are derived or routed through this device.  This includes supporting analog, SD and HD camera/lens choices.  An extremely robust power supply is provided to ensure years of trouble-free operation and minimize system outages. 

MXU-106 DSI Modem Box

Typically co-located with UCS-1000 Universal Camera Controller, the MXU-106 Modem Box contains the interface cards to accept serial data from the UCS-1000 Controller to communicate to the data network.  The MXU-106 Modem Box can control up to 32- individual cameras.  The unit comes standard with 8- data communication ports.  The installed interface cards depend upon the type of communications network/system in use by the Customer (provided by others).

The MXU-106 Modem Box is not weather tight and as such is for indoor use only.  This unit can be mounted on a DIN rail or on a rack-mount shelf.  An external power supply is included.

SU-2215 window Washer Unit

The Model SU-2215 Window Washer Unit incorporates a robust outdoor weather tight enclosure and fittings.

The enclosure houses a window washer fluid tank and all necessary circuitry to facilitate washer operation.  The large 32 ounce tank facilitates less filling intervals and more system uptime.

Used in conjunction with the windshield wiper /washer manifold assembly on the Camera Enclosure Unit, it is an effective means to provide clear video signals that would normally be degraded by smog, dirt, dust, moisture, and ice build-up.

Camera Enclosure Unit 

The Camera Enclosure Unit houses the camera, lens, and system support components, e.g., heaters, fans, etc. The Camera Enclosure also incorporates a weather tight design.  A windshield wiper and washer manifold are included.

This unit is of robust design and is made to withstand years of abuse in challenging outdoor environments.  The unit is well laid out for ease of serviceability.  As well, it utilizes a simple hardware interface to the Pan/Tilt Unit. 

Pan/Tilt Unit

The P/T Head Unit serves as the mount for the camera enclosure and provides rotational movement in both the horizontal and vertical axis. There is only one connection made to the P/T Head that encompasses both power and control functionality.

The Pan/Tilt unit utilizes an extremely rugged design to provide years of trouble free service.  Limit switch settings are provided in all planes.  An easy to access service panel ensures ease of serviceability.


DSI RF Systems can also handle the installation and servicing of your camera system. Our field technicians are ComTrain Certified to ensure our staff and your facilities are adequately protected. Click here for more information on our Installation and Service options.

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